Volume, Variety, Velocity and Visualization is what Big Data is all about. Off-late companies are looking at creative ways to proactively use data. They want to know what is the latest about the company. They also want to know what customers are thinking. Where are they heading ..

This is becoming imperative for the customers as the competition is becoming though and the data is growing very fast. There can be volumes of information that needs to gets tracked on a daily basis. All these data needs proper reading, cleaning and understanding. Most importantly proper management and extraction.

On the other hand, it also provides an interesting opportunity to customers. There are numerous layers and types of data that needs to be addressed / looked into. The bigger challenge is that identifying these data originating points.

How is it achieved?

Implementing Big Data strategy is not a simple task and ofcourse does not come cheap. It needs involvement from CIO office and funding. It is all invest now to harvest later.

To provide these best of the breed Big Data services, we are partnered with talend*

  • talend* is the first Open Source Big Data management software
  • It has close to 450+ predefined objects to gather information from all sources.
  • Very easy to use and customize
  • This software is offered in cloud and stand-alone mode

We provide consulting & implementation services. Most common roles that are part of this implementation process are Architects, Strategists, Governing people and implementers. Our consultants come with vast industry expertise

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Do contact us for more information. We will be more than happy to help you with you Big Data implementation strategy.