Based on market analysis, we at VENIT always keep updating our services. Our research shows us that there is a huge shortfall in IT people and the demand is surging. Another challenge that the customer is facing is that they are not able to hire resources for short-term needs quickly as most of the consultants are preferring full-time jobs. As a result, these small projects will have to wait to get bundled into bigger projects or will have to be scrapped. Either way it gets lost in the oblivion

To address this challenge we have create this new service offering. Some of the advantages of this process

Resource Challenges There are always resources available from our global pool
Cost It will all be one flat rate and the resources are grouped into 3 buckets - Junior, Mid-Level and Senior
Availability of talented resource pool We will be leveraging upon our pool of resources. Depending on the engagement duration, we can either pull in a full-time resource or part-time resource
Shorter Duration projects Yes, we can address shorter duration projects with ease. This model will help quicker turn around irrespective of duration
Longer Duration projects We can take care of long duration projects as well

All such projects can be executed in full-time, part-time and adhoc mode

Some of the areas where we can incorporate these services

  • Remote Project & Program Management (RPPM)
  • Remote PeopleSoft Admin (RPA)
  • Remote DBA (RDBA)
  • Remote Oracle Apps DBA (RADBA)
  • Remote Basis (RBASIS)


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