VENIT management team has dedicated focus on Small and Medium business. Just to ensure we do market research and work on get the best of the breed applications and technology together. We understand that small and mid-sized companies always have financials challenges in getting things done.

We support customer on Planning and Project Management, Planning and Project Mgmt, Productivity Improvement, Testing Services.

We at VENITUS, come with vast knowledge of setting up Centre of Excellance (CoEs). We can help customer and set up a process or technology specific CoE. Some of the common process centric CoEs - SCM, HCM, Billing .. Some of the technology centric CoEs - Oracle, SAP 

Apart from Applications Support, VENIT has strategic tie-ups with companies to handle Infrastructure Operation (ISO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) that help customer to get the best of the breed solutions. Apart from this we have a unique Portfolio Assessment Center.

Application Support Services - Apps Support

Application Support is the back-bone of VENIT. We work with our customer to support all their applications. We have people in-house that can take care of all customer needs. There are multiple ways in which we can support our customer

Main focus is on Consulting, Project Management and Software Development Services. R&D team is constantly in the look out for new changes that the customers might be interested.

VENIT also has a good array of products which are marketed by our team.

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Infrastructure Operation - ISO

As a part of this, VenIT supports customers on their infrasturcture needs. Manage their servers, PCs and network. Provide 24x7 support for all their IT needed. Working with our client, help-desk will be setup.

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Business Process Outsourcing - BPO

This has always been the challenge for all the companies. We at VenIT have tied up with BPO firms to support our Apps and ISO clients.

This marriage of all these enties brings in a best of the breed support to our clients. We have predefinined process for all these. Processes can be customized as per customer needs.

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Note: Our rates are very competitive. We work on blended rate model.