Enterprise DMS in a Business Enterprises IT Dept is not only limited to Departmental business documents, workflow automation but also have a bigger role in current competitive business environment

When used in conjunction with the Organization’s CRM and/or ERP system, the DMS becomes a central repository for all important company documents and information which the users can access from other important business system in a unified and consistent way. For instance, a proposal in an DMS can be tagged to a particular account in the CRM, or a work order can be tagged to the corresponding record in the ERP. Users can find any related document directly from the interface of the CRM or ERP System.

Despite multiple tools and technologies, there is always a common need for a similar platform where in all the above said entities can interact seamlessly

Our DMS solutions will take care of all business document needs and much more. Common repository for all document needs. There is proper integration between Vendors, Customers, Partners and Internal Employees. That will take care of whole supply chain.

Key Benefits -

  • Central repository
  • Very user to administer and use
  • Easy setup
  • Advanced Security
  • History tracking
  • Integration with existing ERPs / CRM system (MS Dynamics, SAP, SalesForce)
  • Web Based
  • Device enabled (Android, iPhone, ..)
  • Robust search
  • Any database - MySQl, Oracle, SQL Server
  • Workflow for approvals and
  • Strong Backup process
  • Reads OCR and integrates with Sharepoint

Our Data Management products are available on cloud as well. 

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