RICE Objects Estimation Tool

Estimation tool designed and developed based on number of years of experience by our experts. This tool gives near accurate estimates for Reports, Interfaces, Customization and Extensions for Simple, Medium and Complex category

Oracle ERP Bug Database

With our strong experience on 11i/R12 support engagements, our consultants have created a bug database of around 300+ bugs and their resolutions. The Bug database contains the list of all recurring issues and their short term and permanent resolutions. This Bug DB has been developed using the Oracle E-business supports projects tickets data for around 5 years and contains almost all recurring issues and their readily available resolutions. This Bug DB also contains the known issues reported during month end and quarter end close cycles and their immediate fixes which helps smooth period end close cycles.

This will help to drastically reduce the ticket resolution time for high severity tickets thus helping the customer meet their SLAs

BI Apps - Reporting Tool

Business Intelligence Tool is out-of-the-box reporting and analysis framework of the Oracle EBiS suite that enables top management executives to see relevant, most accurate and timely information using dashboards and drill down reports.

The graphical representation of the critical data makes it very easy for leadership executives to interpret the data easily and take quick decisions on a daily basis.

These dashboards can also be emailed in the PDF formats.