Critical Job Monitoring Tool

Critical Job Monitoring Tool is developed to monitor Business Critical production Jobs and send email Alerts to Users for the identified events such as long running jobs, Failed Jobs, Pending Jobs or job Not Running in the system for Oracle 11i and R12 environments. 

The instant email notifications to the users/IT support will help to reduce the manual efforts in monitoring the multiple jobs and improve the overall productivity. The tool will also help to fix the issues in the jobs quickly and reduce the down time business impact. 

This tool is developed using Oracle 11i/R12 and requires NO additional Cost for configuring and running. This tool is developed using oracle Apps itself and we just need to complete few steps to get it up and running on your 11i/R12 environment. 


Efforts Saving Huge amount of manual efforts saved in monitoring multiple critical jobs and providing the backlog reports to the business when the critical job is stuck with any issue
Compatibility No additional hardware of software is needed to integrate this CJM tool.

Does not share any system data or the process for operating the CJM
Maintainability Easily Upgradable for higher versions
User Friendly : The business users can perform most of the activities to maintain the critical job in tool for their system by submitting the Job Definition program and changing the parameter values as and when needed


Data Conversion Tool

While working on various implementation/development projects, We have developed reusable data conversion scripts for various modules that can be reused with minimum modifications for any new R12 implementation project. This will help to reduce the overall data conversion timeline for any R12 implementation project as the Data conversion phase takes up the maximum time for any implementation project and is always very complex. We have developed reusable conversion design documents, Data mapping templates etc.

Oracle E-Business  Testing Services Accelerator

Reusable Test Scenarios , test scripts, test plans for GL, AR and AP module. Manual and automated test scripts using Win Runner/Load Runner

This is very helpful for Oracle Ebis testing engagements and lot of time can be saved for writing these test scripts from scratch.