PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is an easy to use PeopleSoft delivered testing automation tool. It helps create automated test scripts by allowing users to simply click, record and execute the test case. PTF test assets are stored in tables in a PeopleSoft application database and any application database certified to run on PeopleTools 8.51 or greater can be used as a PTF environment. These test cases are stored within the application database, users have the flexibility of moving PTF test cases while migrating from one environment to another.

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) Benefits 

  • Test Automation Tool developed by ORACLE
  • Available as part of 9.1 or above to customers with no additional costs
  • Uses Record and Playback Method
  • Integrated with existing PeopleTools and available from PeopleTools 8.51 & Above
  • PTF Test Cases / Assets are stored in Database as App Designer Objects
  • More tests – Greater Accuracy- Shorter time
  • Connects to multiple databases as the same time
  • Results can be shared across users
  • Many other benefits ..

Reach out to us for setting up PTF, create test cases, and setup testing strategy

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